We have noticed a lot of emails going around claiming to be from HMRC and Companies house along with other organisations these will normally contain a attachment, these attachments will be called something relating to the email subject to try and convince you to open it. We always recommend you dont open any attachments unless you know the sender and are expecting the attachment.

These emails will often come from address that look similar of the original but will often use other letters/symbols that can be overlooked at a quick glance, these can include using zero instead of a o or using “-gov.uk” to make the email look like it is coming from a .gov.uk address, there are lot of other variations attackers will do to try and make the email is from a legitimate source so always check the sending address before considering opening attachments.

The attachments in these emails are normally word documents that contain a macro to run a executable program designed to compromise your system and will often contain ransomware that will encrypt your data and make it inaccessible. ransomware is also designed to attack anything on your network you have access to and spread from computer to computer.

As mentioned at the start of the email please do not open attachments unless you know the sender and are expecting an attachment.

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