COVID-19 Update

The NHS and Government have standard recommendations for the general public to reduce the likelihood and transmission of the Coronavirus. As part of the Government four stage plan (Contain, Delay, Research and Mitigate) all of our functions are prepared to continue the support to our customers during any of these stages.

We are committed to support all customers and employees throughout the uncertainty of this viral outbreak. We are continuously evaluating the developing situation and following Governmental and NHS guidelines, whilst ensuring we continue to deliver the services required to our customers.

Some key points regarding our continued support:

– We can still operate effectively in any isolation phase to ensure the smooth running of all our business functions.
– There may be some slight short-term response delays if any major illness outbreak occurs that reduces the number of staff that are too ill to work either from home or office.
– For anyone requiring a site visit, such as computer replacements, we will be looking to minimize interaction wherever possible. This may mean that any “could-you-justs” will be referred back to the support team office.

These controls, which includes remote working access policies, allow us to confidently continue to provide the level of service your business requires.

We will continuously review the Coronavirus situation and update you with any further developments.

For further information regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, please visit the link below for the World Health Organization.

Smellie Savage would like to thank you for your patience regarding this matter.

Support for Home working using the ‘Connect’ system

Some key points regarding our support for home workers:

Staff will need to be recorded as “authorized” to work from home.
– We are unable to troubleshoot home internet issues – please speak with your Internet Service Provider if that is the case.
– We are unable to support or troubleshoot home printers.
– For legal reasons we cannot have remote access personal computers.

Are you experiencing problems using the ‘Connect’ button from home?

Please check: Can you get on the internet? (try going to you should get YES)
– NO: please contact your Internet Service Provider or your line manager.
– YES: please submit a ticket using the button below, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Submit TIcket