Mobile SLA

Smellie Savage Computers Limited (hereafter referred to as the Company) terms and conditions for Mobile SLA (MSLA1 and MSLA2) accounts

Mobile SLA Level 1 (MSLA1)

‘VANILLA SETUP’ of NEW MOBILE PHONES supplied direct to Smellie Savage from phone provider (MSLA1):

The Company agrees to provide 1 x Mobile Device Management software license per subscription.

The Company agrees to create a unique Gmail account for registration of each Android device on Play Store and IOS device on App Store for the purpose of downloading and installing software. The registration will contain no confidential personal data relating to the user of the phone and will be used for administration of the mobile device only. The customer will be provided with a list of the Gmail accounts and logon details for their records.

The Company agrees to pre-install Mobile Device Management software on each device subscribed to MSLA1.

‘PRE-EXISTING SETUP’ of PRE-EXISITING mobile phones or phones supplied direct to the customer (MSLA1):

The Company agrees to provide 1 x Mobile Device Management software license per subscription.

For each mobile device subscribed to MSLA1 which the customer requires the Company to enrol, the customer will provide the Company with a csv file containing mobile phone number, first name, last name, Gmail account (ANDROID), Apple ID (IOS) for each device. The Company agrees to send an email or text to the phone with a link for installation of Mobile Device Management software. Further instructions can be provided to assist completion.

The Company agrees to assist end phone users installing Mobile Device Management software where necessary, subject to the end user contacting the Company during working hours (see response times below) to arrange a time convenient to the Company.

The Company agrees to provide one ‘Get You Started’ session on the Mobile Device Management platform consisting of a) provision of unique customer logon credentials to Mobile Device Management, and b) navigation through the options on the Mobile Device Management System including where to reset passcodes, remote wipe, produce reports, locate device on maps, setup encryption profile, setup App deployment and configure email. This session will be provided by prior arrangement by telephone and remote access to customer’s computer (subject to permission) during the first month of the first MSLA1 contract with the Company. Further ‘Get You Started’ sessions may be available subject to additional cost and the prevailing rate at time of request.

The minimum initial purchase for MSLA1 accounts is 10 accounts.

Additional MSLA1 accounts must be purchased in BATCHES of 10 accounts and can be added at any time during the contract.

Contract term for MSLA1 accounts is on a ‘per BATCH’ basis and 24 months from the purchase date of each BATCH. Each 24 months period is referred to as the BATCHPERIOD.


When replacing PRE-EXISTING mobile phones (see above) during the first 12 months of the 24 month BATCHPERIOD the Company agrees to one ‘VANILLA SETUP’ (see above). When replacing PRE-EXISTING mobile phones (see above) during the second 12 months of the 24 month BATCHPERIOD, and a ‘VANILLA SETUP’ is required, the BATCH in which the mobile phone(s) are contained will begin a new 24 month BATCHPERIOD from the date of the ‘VANILLA SETUP’.

Mobile SLA Level 2 (MSLA2)

All MSLA2 accounts must have an MSLA1 ACCOUNT.

The customer must have either all BATCHES with MSLA2 accounts or no BATCHES with MSLA2 accounts (i.e. no mix-and-match).

For subscriptions to MSLA2 accounts the Company will provide the Customer with a REQUIREMENTS SHEETS in which the customer should indicate the requirements for their PROFILES. Customers with 1 BATCH may have 1 PROFILE. Customers with to 2 to 4 BATCHES may have up to 2 PROFILES. Customers with 5 BATCHES or more may have up to 3 PROFILES. The REQUIREMENTS SHEET for each PROFILE may be changed during the BATCHPERIOD a maximum of once in any 3 month period. Completed REQUIREMENTS SHEETS must be submitted by email to [email protected]. The Company will implement amended completed REQUIREMENTS SHEETS within 10 working days of a confirmed receipt.

For subscriptions to MSLA2 accounts the Company agrees on request from the customer and subject to the response times detailed below to remotely lock or wipe device(s), reset passcodes and setup customer email.

For subscriptions to MSLA2 accounts the Company will require passwords for the relevant Gmail and Apple ID accounts in order to recover accounts for devices where passwords have been lost or devices have been stolen. The Company cannot be held responsible for lost passwords, Apple ID’s, or Gmail accounts where the phone user or customer has amended or forgotten the credentials for the account.

Payments terms for each BATCH will consist of 24 equal monthly instalments by direct debit starting from the start date of the BATCH and due monthly thereafter. In the event of late or missed payments the Company reserve the right to demand full and immediate payment of the remaining contract amount for all BATCHES. Early termination of BATCHES are allowed subject to the immediate payment of the amounts outstanding on the remaining term of the BATCH.

Carriage and shipping

In order for phones to be provided to the customer for a completed ‘VANILLA SETUP’, customers are required to arrange for new mobile phones to be shipped direct to the Company. Carriage costs from the Company to the customer will be chargeable at from £7.50+vat per shipment depending on courier prices. All other shipping costs incurred in the process of supporting or setting up of mobile phones may be subject to charge.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance

Under Data Protection Regulations in its role as a Data Processor in relation to information or data the Company manages under contract the Company agrees that without express written authority from the Data Controller, namely the Customer, it will a) not organise, adapt or alter information or data held b) not retrieve, consult or use information or data c) not disclose information or data by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available d) not align, combine, block, erase or destroy information or data e) not engage a sub-processor f) assist the data controller in meeting its obligations in relation to the security of processing and take appropriate measures to secure processing g) assist the controller in providing subject access and allowing data subjects to exercise their rights under the GDPR h) return or delete all data at the end of the contract i) provide the controller with information not directly accessible by the controller that it needs in relation to its role as a data processor so that the Company and Controller are able to meet obligations under the GDPR j) tell the controller immediately if it is asked to do anything which may infringe the GDPR or other data protection law of the UK. Nothing within this contract relieves the Company of its own direct responsibilities and liabilities under the GDPR. Data Controller responsibilities: It is the responsibility of the Data Controller to a) inform the Company in regard to the type of personal data, categories of the data subject and sensitivity of the data that the Company is requested to manage in order that the Company may assess appropriate security measures b) immediately inform the Company in the event of it becoming aware of a data breach c) inform the ICO of any data breach within time parameters laid down under the GDPR d) adhere to recommendations made by the data processor during the course of this contract regarding software and other security measures necessary to comply with GDPR legislation. Nothing within this contract relieves the Data Controller of its own direct responsibilities and liabilities under the GDPR.

Response times

The Company will respond to your request for support within the following times when ‘contacted’ by the Customer: when called before 1pm, the Company will respond before the end of that working day; when called after 1pm, the Company will respond before 1pm the following working day. These times are on a best endeavour basis and where reasonably possible the Company will endeavour to respond sooner than specified. Times are based on the Company’s normal working hours (9am-5pm Mon-Fri excluding Bank Holidays). ‘Contacted’ represents an email sent from an ‘authorised’ email address and received by the email account [email protected]. Customer’s email addresses must be confirmed by the Company as ‘authorised’ in advance.